August 2, 2009

One Billion + You: The Firefox Magic!

Mozilla launched on 1 August 2009 to mark the day its Browser Download Crossed 1000000000 +

I don't use Firefox anymore, as I am adicted to Google Chrome. But I don't use Firefox not because I hate using it, like I hate using Internet Explorer. I used to be in love with Firefox, before Google Chrome ever happened. And I used to love the fact that it allowed me to fashion my browser any way I wanted to. I used to be addicted to the idea of  'add-ons' and used to spend a lot of time hunting for them. And perhaps, adding 'add-ons' to the browser slowed it down, especially at loading. It used to take more than ten minutes for the browser to load and that was when Chrome happened. And the browser looking for updates as it was loading was another pain. Google offering a simple, clean and faster browser with independent tabs lured me into it and I stopped using Firefox all together.

This doesn't mean that the browser was good for nothing. It was great while it lasted. Every add-on I used added to the charm of using it as my default browser. I could somehow make sense of the idea of Browser as an OS because I have used Firefox and their 'add-ons'. In my Firefox Browser I used to have 'add-ons'like Lipikar, Google Notebook, Weird Marker, Speed Dial, ChatZilla, Gspace, Fox Tab, Quick Note and many more. Each allowed me to do different things using the browser, which I would have otherwise done using a software application specially made for that purpose. Firefox allowed me to download the application as code, add it to the browser and use it. This helps the computer save a lot of memory for other things good. Now, when Google talks about Browser as an OS, I perfectly understand how it is going to be because Mozilla has shown us how the rudimentary form of a Browser-as-an-OS would be using their add-ons. 
I think Mozilla Developer Community has a lot to contribute in this regard. I don't know if Firefox is thinking about an OS like Google does. I am sure if they think about one, Google is going to find it very difficult to beat them in market share. 

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