August 17, 2009

FatSecret: For people who love food and diet!

Do you know what India searched most in 2008? Well, Google Zeitgeist 2008 tells us that people from India who searched how to do something, mostly searched for 'How to reduce weight?" That is not very  surprising when we consider that the 'Image of a Beautiful Woman' is portrayed as an 'Image of a Skinny Woman' by Indian Mainstream Mass Media. Why do I think our women must have searched for this? Simply because I have never come across a woman in India who is not bothered about her weight, even among the skinniest! Well, we can go on discussing about who did that search most, but that is not the purpose of my post! I just wanted to bring to your notice a curious Social Community Site I came across the other day, as I was surfing.

Fat Secret - the name tells you everything! It is a social community network dedicated to people who think about 'all things food and diet" Good idea, isn't it? People who hunt for information on Food and Diet get peer validated information here, that is what the site owners claim. And I think it is true. The site does not control any information that is there on the site and they claim that they have no affiliation to any company that offer medicines that help you reduce the 'mass' of your body. The information on the site are given by the members of the site and the site has tools to gather and compare information, enabling the best peer validated tips to reach users.

The site owners say:

FatSecret takes the feedback and collective experience of members to discover what really works.We are totally independent and try not to give recommendations but rather provide the tools and framework for everyone to achieve their goals as the community generates answers to all food, diet and exercise questions - united we fall(the weight that is).
Look at the graph provided. The graph gives you an idea about how a particular diet is successful based on the diet data collected from the users. It simply rates a diet beased on how much weight people who followed the diet could lose.

I think that is a cute idea you should try out if you are someone who is constantly worried about your weight, instead of spending your money on tablets and potions that ultimately make you end up in hormon imbalances and make you victims of cancer and sorts.

Images: Screen Shots taken from FatSecret

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