July 12, 2009

twitterfeed: Promote your blog using Twitter

I hope you remember me telling you, I created a Twitter Account to promote techedIN. I decided to post a link to techedIN on Twitter, every time I published something here. Now, publishing a post on Twitter about my Blogger Post involves at least 14 clicks often and sometimes more than that. [Don't believe me? Try copying and pasting the title and link to your post on Twitter and clicking Update.] On Internet, the lesser the clicks and the lesser scrolling the better. Anything automatic is highly appreciated.

Automatic Posting of Blog Feeds to Twitter!! This is why I liked the idea of Twitterfeed. Create an account with Twitterfeed, add your Blog RSS URL to the site and it will take care of the rest of it. Every time you post something on your Blog [the Bolg you added to Twitterfeed], it will post a snippet of the same on your Twitter Account. That is cool, isn't it?

More than anything I liked the idea of "Twitter Feed Analytics." on Twitterfeed. The site gives you an idea about how many users must have clicked on the link to your post. There is only one reason why I like anything that analyses the links or content I post - they save me from the evergrowing fear of no one reading what you write! [Now, that is another fear! Fear of None Reading? What do you call it? No -Reader-o-phobea?]

Usually, I don't permit third party sites to have access to any of my accounts for fear of spam! However, the idea of Twitterfeed looked so cool to me that I couldn't resist. Who wouldn't like to save a little time? Now that Twitterfeed takes care of my 'Blog Promotion' on Twitter, I can breath easy and think of doing something else, using the time I used to spend for those '14 Boring Clicks to Post my Blog on Twitter'.

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