July 4, 2009

I wish Jaxter had a local number in India!!

The worst thing that can happen to you, as you are making an urgent call, is to dial a number on your cellphone and realize that you are running on 'low balance' or absolutely 'no balance' This happened to me today! That's what got me into searching for someone who offers a 'Computer to Phone' call facility. [Necessity is the mother of all searches.]

I 'stumbled' on many sites that offered a 'Computer to Phone' call facility. Many asked me to download a software to enable this facility. Now, for me, I download software from Internet very rarely for the fear of spyware. [Oh, that's a cool fear! What do they call it? Fear of spyware! Spyware Phobia?] So, I decline. And many of them that offered 'Computer to Phone' call, charged in either Dollar or Euro. To Indian standards, in INR, the price looked four or five times higher than the Call Tariff my Telecom Service Provider charged me. I had no other go.

That's when I stumbled on Jaxter.Now, even Jaxter 'click to call' rates are higher than my normal 'Phone-to-Phone' calls. That's not my issue here as I don't think I am ever gona make 'Computer to Phone' calls from India in the near future. What caught my eye was the Free Call Facility on offer from Jaxter. They have this 'Local Number' facility. All you got to do is to give your number and the destination number to get a Local Jaxter Number. Dial the Jaxter number and once you connect, Jaxter dials your friend's number and you can chat as long as you want. That's something cool, isn't it? I was excited. And I tried. So sad, so sad! Jaxter does not have a local number in India right now. So you can't make calls from India, using Jaxter.

I was sad. I read the Jaxter Blog to find out that they had a local number for Mumbai. Some cruel, cut-throat Telecom Company who provided that service to Jaxter disabled the number. Yes, that is cruel and cut-throat. Because of this the FreeConnect Service from Jaxter is not available for calls placed to/from India. This is what I call the pre-historic attitude of telecom companies. I wish I knew the company that pulled the wire on Jaxter so that I could give them a piece of my mind!

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