July 1, 2009

Hunting Blogger Templates!!

Ever since I took this idea of blogging into my head and joined Blogger.com I wanted my blogs to look 'cool'. I wanted my blogs to look cool because I visited hundreds of blogs that looked cool and different. The templates that Blogger gave me looked very ordinary. Sure, I can tweak the templates using the Layout Options and Widgets in Blogger. But that was never enough, the kind of person I am. Now, I have no idea how to put complicated codes in place to make my blog look the way I want. Therefore, the only option left was go template hunting.

I googled 'Blogger Templates' and got a list of sites that let you pick stylish templates for your blog. I took a look at the first ten of the 6000000 plus results Google offered me. I went to each of them to see how I can pick one 'cool' template for my site. There were many of them. And I finally settled for BTemplates.

There are reasons why I chose BTemplates. First of all the templates come free of cost. Then, these guys at BTemplates offer a wide variety of templates. Two columns, three columns, four columns, rounded, funky - you name it and they got it there. Another thing, they got their list arranged in such a way that it is pretty easy to look at what they have on offer and make your pick.  But what impressed me the most was  the way they packaged their product.

The guys at work for BTemplates pack their templates in zip files. You can take a look at the template, go for a live demo and download the file if you liked what you were looking at. The zip file got two things. One, the template. Two, detailed instructions to help you install the template.

Here is what I did: I downloaded the zip file that contained the template and unzipped it. Then, I clicked the Layout Tab on my blogger dashboard. Then, I opened the html code option. There is a button there that asks you to upload your template. But before clicking that I saved my original template on my computer, using the link that helps us back up the file. Once I uploaded the template I wanted to, there was a message that asked me if I wanted to keep some of the widgets. I clicked 'No'. And bingo, the new template was loaded and my blog looked very cool to me.

I am happy!!

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