July 14, 2009

Blogadda: get your blog listed and let people read you

We all know! Most of us, small time bloggers, keep wondering when and how people will notice our blog and start reading it. In my perpetual search for ways in which one can get a blog noticed, I recently stumbled up on Blogadda. Blogadda provides "Indian bloggers a platform to showcase their blogs."

Let us hear what Blogadda says about themselves:
There are super Indian bloggers waiting for an audience to discover them. Blogadda provides Indian bloggers a platform to showcase their blogs.We've read a lot of blogs over time and continue to do so, and found that there wasn't a single resource to discover blogs of our interests. And this is how Blogadda.com was born.
Joining Blogadda is very simple. Here is what the site asked me to do: First, I registered an account like I would do to join any other site. Blogadda lets you use the site only after you verify your email and add a link to Blogadda on your blog. Once you create an account, verify it from a mail sent to your email address from Blogadda. You can now register your blog with Blogadda. Then copy and paste the html code to your blog. They say that their team will visit the blog to see if there is a link to Blogadda from your blog and they send you an email if your blog is approved. Well, I don't mind that. We are living in a 'win-win world'.

I stayed on the site, after registering my blog, for sometime. A few things caught my eye: One, Blogadda updates 'Recent Posts' every hour so that blogs that are active get noticed. [Well, Iam not going into the issue of one hour time lapse. Something is always better than absolutely nothing at all.] Two, I liked the way Blogadda lets users post useful tips on Blogging and selects and features the best. [Well, I would have loved to read all the tips that members post. I couldn't locate a link that took me to all that members posted. For time being, I feel this is good.] Three, I read a a couple of 'super blogger' interviews. [Well, I liked all that I read. They gave such insights into how blogging is happening in our part of the world and how 'super bloggers' are looking at it.] Four, Blogadda won't permit spam site promoters to be registered with them. [Well, I have no clue if they have spelt out a clear policy about what is spam and what is not. I haven't found anything on the site that tell me what is spam, yet. However, no-spam policy is a good policy.]

Blogadda shows how a good idea can go a long way. I don't know how many have registered their blogs on Blogadda. However, from the look of things, I think Indian Bloggers are joining the site like bees go where honey is available. Perhaps, the only issue is what a comparison between the number of members and the number of people who actually read what appears on Blogadda will show us! I hope as many people are taking time to use Blogadda as their one-stop source for 'Blog Reading' as there are members.


  1. Thank you Sojo for mentioning BlogAdda on your blog. We are glad that you've liked the site.

    We are working on the couple of inputs you have provided and want to assure you that we will work hard to be a valuable resource for bloggers and readers alike.

    Thank you once again for giving your detailed feedback. It'll be great to interact with you at our blog and we are sure you'll still find many interesting initiatives there!

  2. It's my pleasure Mr.Harikrishnan, to write about such a cool site like Blogadda.

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